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Architect & Engineering

GRIHAM Architects & Engineers offers high quality consultancy services in Architecture, Engineering and Project Management.

GRIHAM has the objective to become one of the leading consulting and offshore Computer Aided Design and Building Information Modeling production unit for Architecture engineering Services all over the world. Our studio/office is capable of executing a comprehensive range of design and documentation services for Architecture, Interior Design, and all other allied building engineering services like Structural, Electrical and Public Health Engineering. The nature of the projects being dealt are Retail, Corporate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Educational as well as Infrastructure.

We believe that our designs reflect the values and aspirations of its clients. We aim to exceed client expectations and create "a built environment" of lasting impact. We respect budgeted costs and time schedules.

We seek to achieve our goals by creating an office environment that facilitates creativity, teamwork, leadership, quality consciousness and continual improvement through innovation.

Over the last 8 years, GRIHAM has worked on planning, designing, construction documentation of various projects that include offices, banks, data centers, cultural buildings, shopping malls, hotels and retail format stores. GRIHAM expertise and competencies include detailed architectural design, civil and structural engineering, construction and zoning laws. GRIHAM team consists of qualified architects from reputed colleges who have great sense of aesthetics, volumetric analysis and spatial planning, understand the client’s requirements.

Builders & Contractors

Reputation is everything in the construction industry. At GRIHAM INFRA, we’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as the leading building contractor.

The trust we’ve earned within Griham Infra community is hugely important to us. Every aspect of our business is therefore underpinned by a commitment to quality and reliability, and a focus on customer care.

Our experience in delivering projects on budget and on schedule is second to none, with our skilled local workforce able to tackle any construction task, however large or small.

Innovative construction solutions, tailored for the unique environment, are another specialty. We also offer a comprehensive range of windows, doors and conservatories through our G SuperMart Members.

Our Service Charges with materials are :
1. Within the city of Ranchi @ Rs. 1700/- per Sq.ft. + 18% GST
2. Outside Ranchi but inside Jharkhand @ Rs. 1900/- per Sq.ft. + 18% GST
3. Jharkhand Neighboring States (Bihar, Orissa, M.P., Chattisgarh and West Bengal) @ Rs. 2200/- per Sq.ft. + 18% GST
4. Rest of India @ Rs. 2500/- per Sq.ft. + 18% GST
5. All types of Interior Works with materials @ as per drawing specifications and Estimations.

Colon Hydro Therapy

Colon is the colony of microbes, both good and bad accumulated over a period of time. We generally flush out majority of microbes and your healthy pro biotic diet for 5days during the program shall help rebuild the colony of healthy microbes in majority in your colon to rejuvenate your health.
The microbial bioma inside the colon which turns our chyme to faeces are largely responsible for our stomach problems and overall health and even mood.

This Hydro Therapy Cleanse....Detoxify...feel Energized....
1.Heals constipation
2. Improves digestion
3.Strength the immune system
4.Improves skin complexion
5.Aids with weight loss
6.Cures bad breath
7. Rids bloated stomach
8. Improves allergies
9. Cure chronic fatigue
10.Prevents infections

Time: 35 mins per session
Duration: 3 sessions recommended & they are done on 3 alternate days or within 10 days ....
*Before colon 2 hrs empty stomach still u may have anything liquid diet.
*After colon first meal is khichadi....n during the complete session u need to be on very light meals n keep yourself hydrated....
Its a very simple procedure and you really are detoxified....

For More details please contact G SuperMart customer care 
or Contact Mrs. Pooja Biyani @ 7870602000/ 9934296571.

Fee Structure for complete process of 3 session is Rs. 8,000/- w.e.f. 10th feb. 2019 (This fee is just as promotional offer only & will be in effect for a limited period only as in metro cities this service is provided at minimum Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/-). So don't miss this golden opportunity to get rid of all your stomach issues.

Note: Kindly note that this therapy service is being presently provided at our therapy center located "The Bay, Niwaranpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand " only and are in the way of expansion in future throughout pan India which will be informed regularly in our website.

Mushroom Farming & Marketing Business

Mushroom Farming & Marketing Business
Please feel free to contact us for any details regarding Mushroom Farming & Marketing just fill the contact us form and our customer executives will contact you as soon as possible. Continue for terms & conditions.

Information Technology

In association with "ASTRAL TECHNOLOGIES" a Mumbai based an IT company, are in a position to provide all types of IT solutions like all types of software development, website development, online web renovation, mobile apps and many more...... Our aim is to ensure that IT simply works for our clients, assisting them to achieve business objectives through the use of intelligent technology solutions.

Ayurveda Zone

Herbal Drops

Herbal Juices

Our Team

Santosh Kumar


With a Vision of achieving the Goal of Health Bhi Wealth Bhi for each individual in the country, G-SuperMart came into its existance.

Mr Ankit Raj

Company Representative (All India)

Nazir Hussain

Field Officer

LARSSON Brand specifically designed for the international market. We are major elevator & escalator exporter and installer through out the globe.

Mrs Jyoti Thapa

Executive Manager

Kailash Lal

Mushroom Trainer

Miss Neha Roy

Co-Ordinator (East Singhbhum)

Make Payments

Make Payments
1. UPI payment mode with UPI ID as " gsupermart@kotak "

2. Transferring fund directly to the company account which are as below:

Bank Name  Kotak Mahindra Bank
A/C Number  3813006030
A/C Name  G Supermart
Branch Name  Ranchi Club Shopping Complex
IFSC Code  KKBK0005632

and any type of donations can also be made through this account.

3. Google Pay on mobile number 7360074421 or scan the QR Code in the image.

Contact Us

  • Office address is B-24, Bandhu Nagar, Birsa CHowk, Ranchi-834002, Jharkhand, India
  • Near Sheetal Nursing Home

Donate (Angel Foundation)


Donation Amount

Business Plan

Why to Join G SuperMart ?

  • Best & highest incentive or income Plan in the industry.
  • G SuperMart is the only platform where you can have multiple options of earning your living and get the freedom of Joy. At this platform you have options to choose from multiple earning options or can choose all as per your interest and capabilities. 
  • G SuperMart gives complete support and help to all their members for growing their business and does not pressurizes or give monthly targets to make all members the boss of their own business world. 
  • All G SuperMart members get opportunity to upgrade their membership at any stage and time. 
  • All memberships are provided for lifetime.
  • There are no earning limits in a month for all members and can easily reach level of lakhs of rupees earning per month at a very less effort through our business plan.

जी सुपरमार्ट को ज्वाइन क्यूँ करें ?

  • जी सुपरमार्ट ही एक मात्र ऐसा प्लेटफार्म है जहाँ पर आपके पास पैसे कमाने के अनेक रास्ते हैं और अपनी जिंदगी में खुशियों की आज़ादी का अनुभव कर सकते हैं | 
  • इस प्लेटफार्म पर आप पैसे कमाने के किसी भी एक या सभी रास्तों के साथ अपनी शुरुआत कर सकते हैं | किसी भी रस्ते का चुनाव आप अपनी छमता या अनुभव के अनुसार कर सकते हैं |
  • जी सुपरमार्ट अपने सभी मेम्बर्स को पूर्ण रूप से सहयोग करता है और किसी भी प्रकार के मासिक टारगेट केलिए बाध्य नहीं करता है ताकि यह बिज़नेस पूर्ण रूप से हर मेम्बर का अपना बिज़नेस रहे |
  • जी सुपरमार्ट के सभी मेम्बर अपने मेम्बरशिप प्लान को कभी भी उच्च कोटि के प्लान में अपग्रेड कर सकते हैं, जिसके लिए अलग से कोई भी upgradation फीस नहीं लिया जाता है 
  • जी सुपरमार्ट के मेम्बर्स को जीवन काल तक केलिए मेम्बरशिप दिया जाता है , मतलब एक बार जुरने के बाद आपका मेम्बरशिप आपके जीवन काल तक expire नहीं करता है |
  • जी सुपरमार्ट के मेम्बर्स केलिए पैसे कमाने का कोई लिमिट नहीं है और हमारे बिजनेस प्लान को फॉलो कर लाखों रूपया महीने में आसानी से कमाया जा सकता है |

G SuperMart Marketing Plan

(Note : 1BV = Rs.2)

A. Below are the terms & conditions for Mushroom Farming & marketing.

1. Total amount to start your Mushroom Farming business is Rs. 4,500/-. (BV - 500)

Upon paying Rs. 4500/- you get :

a) 10kg Mushroom Seeds,

b) Farming Training/Demo,

c) Chemicals required during farming process,

d) 100 pcs Plastic bags.

2. Company will buy back the dry mushroom @ Rs. 600/- per kg. as flat rate for all of the productions.

* Package prices may change during offers.

* Please note that buy back prices may fluctuate from time to time as per the market demand which will be intimated from time to time.

3. G SuperMart members are liable for getting incentives for promotions & marketing of Mushroom Farming business as below:

            a) Rs. 1000/- as pair income or referral bonus. (Binary Plan 1:1)

Note: Company reserves the right of modifications and updating of the incentives whenever required which will be intimated prior to implementations.  

B. Below are the terms & conditions for marketing of G SuperMart Jackpot Plan  ( BV - 800)

1. Joining fee is Rs. 2,478/- , breakup is as below

    Rs. 1600 (Product Cost) + Rs. 500 (Registration Fee) + Rs. 378 (18% Tax) = Rs. 2,478/-

2. Every Member has to introduce two customers on left & right leg to form a pair.

3. One pair is equal to one EMI. (1 pair = 1 EMI = Rs. 1600/-)

4. EMI Calculation

            Assume you book Dell Laptop of Rs. 42,000/-

            Then your EMI pair will be

Rs.42,000/1,600 = 26.25  i.e. 27 pairs

So, Once your both leg contains 27 bookings you get:

  • Dell Laptop of MRP 42,000/-
  • Cheque amount of Rs. 1,600/-
  • Opportunity to repurchase and continuous income option.

5. Repurchase option:

            Under this option you get opportunity to continue your purchasing after 1st delivery, as under you the team keeps on growing so you can grab the benefit of growing advance EMI under you with booking new product of your choice at just Rs. 2,478/-.

Example: You get Dell Laptop of Rs, 42,000/- at Level 6 with 27 EMI or Pairs.

             After your delivery of the 1st product your Level keeps on increasing under you and reaches upto say Level 8 i.e. 128 pairs, then on paying Rs. 2,478/- as repurchase or booking amount of new product say of Rs. 25,000/-. So, you can use your remaining EMI of 128 – 27 = 101 EMI or Pairs and get your product delivered immediately.

6. A customer has full right to alter or make any type of corrections in the booked products before the final delivery confirmations.

C. Below are the terms & conditions for marketing of G SuperMart Smart Platform

 Your Job Details

Upon joining as G SuperMart Freelancer Employee you are now eligible to promote our services and do a marketing business to generate leads for different types of Jobs only. i.e. you now become the Boss of your own marketing business and your business totally depends upon your plan of action and strategy. G SuperMart does not pressurizes for any type of lead generation and does not fix targets so to make your business totally yours. G SuperMart only helps and supports their Employees to run their business smoothly.

Your Direct Income & Sale Incentives:-

Sales Incentive is calculated on a fixed incentive for each service promoted by our GSM EMPLOYEE and their groups which are as follows:





Architects & Civil Engineering Works

a. Map Planning & Designing

@ Rs 0.50 / Sq.ft

b. Working Drawing

@ RS. 0.25 / Sq.ft

c. 3D Design & Modeling

Rs. 150 / Floor


Ayurveda Products Sales & Consultation

Products Coming Soon

20% of M.R.P.


Lift, Elevators & Escalators

All types of lifts & Escalators

5% of total bill amount


GSupermart Online Shopping Zone

10% of total bill amount


Hydro Colon Therapy (Service available in Ranchi Only and will be informed for other cities) 

Rs. 1000/- per referral


Information Technology Services (Software Development, Website, Software development etc.)

5% of total bill amount


Note: Above services are not the limit, always be connected with our official website or Head Office for latest news and more services that will be added in the future.

 Additional Performance Bonus of 5% of the total Profit Value of the group members under your position. 

Example as below:

Group Name : Group 1001


Bonus & Incentives

Other Rewards

GSM Employee-01

5% of total Profit Value of 8 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-02

5% of total Profit Value of 7 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-03

5% of total Profit Value of 6 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-04

5% of total Profit Value of 5 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-05

5% of total Profit Value of 4 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-06

5% of total Profit Value of 3 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-07

5% of total Profit Value of 2 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-08

5% of total Profit Value of 1 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position

GSM Employee-09

5% of total Profit Value of 0 Employees

Awards & Bonus as per position


1. Each position right from GSM EMPLOYEE-1 to GSM EMPLOYEE-09 is not fixed and it strictly depends upon the total profit volume generated by the individual.

2. each GSM Employee employees will also be rewarded with  awards & bonus for their better performance and hard work in the company.

3. GSM Employee employees who refers minimum 27 persons to join as a GSM Employee (i.e. to create 3 Gruops) are promoted as Manager and now as his/her achievement, his/her income is 3% of the total income of all the groups under him/her.  

4. Now as a Manager if number of groups under you increases in a multiple of 2 then your % income also increases in multiple of 2.  i.e.: at group of 3 your income is 3% then at group of 6 your income is 6%. 

 Please go through the demo example below for more clarifications.



Group Name

Group 1

Member Name



Direct Income

Level Income

Awards & Bonus

Total Incentives Earned in a month

% Contribution in Total Earnings

       Level or Positions

GSM Employee - 1


रु 36,800.00

रु 7,150.00

रु 9,200.00

रु 53,150.00


GSM Employee - 2


रु 32,000.00

रु 5,550.00

रु 8,000.00

रु 45,550.00


GSM Employee - 3


रु 28,000.00

रु 4,150.00

रु 7,000.00

रु 39,150.00



GSM Employee - 4


रु 25,000.00

रु 2,900.00

रु 6,250.00

रु 34,150.00


GSM Employee - 5


रु 20,000.00

रु 1,900.00

रु 5,000.00

रु 26,900.00


GSM Employee - 6


रु 15,000.00

रु 1,150.00

रु 3,750.00

रु 19,900.00



GSM Employee - 7


रु 12,000.00

रु 550.00

रु 3,000.00

रु 15,550.00


GSM Employee - 8


रु 8,000.00

रु 150.00

रु 2,000.00

रु 10,150.00


GSM Employee - 9


रु 3,000.00

रु 0.00

रु 750.00

रु 3,750.00



RS. 1,79,800

Rs. 23,500

Rs. 44,950

Rs. 2,48,250


 D. Payout Plans

1. All payouts of incentives for Mushroom & Jackpot plan will be credited to wallet or Bank Account within 24 hours from the confirmation of the payments from the customers/clients/representatives.

2. All payouts of incentives for G SuperMart Platform will be credited in the 1st week of every month after final calculations on 30th or 31st of last month.  

E. G SuperMart Combo Plan 1  (w.e.f. 1st April 2019) (1000 BV)

Services or Scheme

Charges or Rate

G Supermart Smart Platform

Rs. 0500/-

G Mushroom

Rs. 4500/-

Jackpot Plan

Rs. 2478/-


Rs. 7478/-

Combo Offer Discount (10%)

Rs. 0748/-

Actual Total amount



Now Our best offer is that you need to pay 50% i.e. just Rs. 3,365/- only and get the above mentioned combo services and pay rest 50% amount in 4 easy installments of Rs. 842/- and get it deducted from your 1st 4 payouts.

 Note: Above offer is valid for first 100 joining on 1st come 1st serve basis. After 100 joining 10% discount will be removed.

 Your Incentives or Income are as below:

1. Matching Pair (1 BV = Rs.200) 200x10 = Rs.2,000/-

2. From buy back of dry mushroom (30kg approx.)

Deductions of 10% TDS, Admin Charges 5% & installments if any will be done.


 Please note that payments from G SuperMart Smart Platform is not added as it has no limit of earnings. So Actual payout can’t be imagined but above calculations says about your minimum payout. And all payouts are cleared within 24hours of formation of a pair except G SuperMart Smart Platform payout as it is cleared on monthly basis.


F. G SuperMart Combo Plan 2  (w.e.f. 1st August 2019) (800 BV)


Services or Scheme

Charges or Rate

G SuperMart Smart Platform

Rs. 0500/-

Products from Shopping Mall

Rs. 3500/-

Jackpot Plan

Rs. 2478/-


Rs. 6478/-


Now Our best offer is that you need to pay 50% i.e. just Rs. 3,239/- only and get the above mentioned combo services and pay rest 50% amount in 4 easy installments of Rs. 810/- and get it deducted from your 1st 4 payouts.

 Your Incentives or Income are as below:

1. Matching Pair (1 BV = Rs.200) 200x 8 = Rs.1600/-

2. Cash Back of 10% on all purchasing.

 Deductions of 10% TDS, Admin Charge 5% & installments if any will be done.

Please note that payments from G SuperMart Smart Platform is not added as it has no limit of earnings. So Actual payout can’t be imagined but above calculations says about your minimum payout. And all payouts are cleared within 24hours of formation of a pair except G SuperMart Smart Platform payout as it is cleared on monthly basis.

Please feel Free to Contact Us for Any Queries.


Thank You and Wish You Best of Luck for your Great Future Ahead.

Always Happy to serve our clients